Application Form- Download

Please read all of the information below carefully
If you would like to be considered for Adopting a Bichon via Rescue, a form can be directly downloaded from this site (see below)
1. Please note we do not rehome Bichons to applicants that work or would leave a Bichon alone more than 3 hours a day
2. We do not rehome Bichons into homes that have children age 5 years and under ( * in certain circumstances this may include grandchildren who visit on a regular basis)
3.Your garden MUST be secure,
Click on the links below to download, we also advise you read the information sheet below, before downloading the Application Form
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To Print  - look for the "printer icon" on your browser bar, or look at the File tab (top left of browser ) then scroll down & click print.
Click on the book icon below to download forms:
File Gif Application Form for Adoption
File Gif Bichon Frise Rescue Information Sheet
If you would like an acknowledgement we have received your completed form, please enclose an SAE, which will be signed/stamped and returned to you, this isn't a guarantee you have been successful, only that we have received your form
If you don't do this, please don't contact Rescue asking if we have received your application, this is the only way we can acknowledge we have got it.
Please appreciate the amount of forms that are sent in to us every year
If your application has been successful, you will be contacted at some point by one of our UK helpers within 12-16 weeks of receiving your form (usually sooner) depending on your area and availabilty of a helper at the time.


Thank You.