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Our First Official Calendar is launched!

(August 09, 2009)
Bichon Frise Rescue, has had many requests to produce its own calendar, this year we have finally done that and our 2010 calendar is now ready.
The photos feature Bichons from rescue , and portray the diverse shapes and sizes of the Fluffs that come into us.
We hope that you will support us and buy a calendar, Henrys Fund has seen a huge increase in Bichons needing veterinary care, and the longer term treatments are very expensive.
All profit from the calendar will go into this fund and will be soley used for the treatment of sick Bichons.
By sustaining Henrys Fund, we are able to give Bichons the medical care they need within Bichon Frise Rescue.
Thank you for your continued support.

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